ManageFlitter Pro


Basic account.
1 account
2-5 accounts
6-20 accounts
21-50 accounts
All plans except the Free plan come with all the Premium features listed below. No long term contracts, pay-as-you-go, cancel at any time you choose and have Pro access until end of your billing cycle. The larger the plan, the more Twitter accounts you can connect and switch between. The Free plan comes only with basic Unfollow and Search features.

Pro Feature List

  • Social Graph
    • Unlimited Unfollows
      Never worry about hitting up against a daily limit.
    • Whitelist
      Work faster - create a personal list of people don't want to unfollow.
    • Manage Twitter Lists
      Import and manage details of your Twitter lists with ManageFlitter.
    • Power Mode
      Combine filters and explore deeply into the your account's connections.
    • Find Who You Don't Follow Back
      Reciprocate following for important users.
    • Copy Another Account's Followers or Following
      Quickly build your account based on others.
    • Filter Everyone Following You
      Find who your most important followers are.
  • Search
    • Grow Your Twitter Account
      Follow relevant users faster than ever before.
    • Tweet Search
      Quickly filter real-time Tweets by topic and/or location. Sort by followers or influence.
    • Unlimited Follows
      Up to Twitter's API limit. We recomend you follow up to 100 people daily.
  • Analytics
    • Tweet Analytics
      Coming Soon
    • Track Everyone Who Unfollowed or Followed You
      Track in detail what changes have occured in your account.
    • Track Everyone You Unfollowed or Followed
      Record all changes you make anywhere to your Twitter account.
    • Graph changes to your account over time
      Understand long term trends for your account.
  • PowerPost
    • Schedule Tweet at Optimal Times For Your Followers
      Send important messages when you know the most people will be online.
    • Target Tweets to Specific Countries or Locations
      Never worry about missing out on visibility.
    • Google+ to Twitter Sharing
      Posts shared every 2 mins instead of every 30 mins.