Google+ To Twitter

Would you like your public Google+ Plus posts to automatically appear on Twitter? Join 59,202 other Google+ accounts, currently using ManageFlitter to send their Google+ posts to Twitter.
  1. Connect your Google+ account
  2. Connect your Twitter account
  3. That's all!
    We'll keep an eye on your Google+ page for public posts and tweet them from your Twitter account. Posts will be shortened to 280 characters and linked back to your original post on Google+
Frequently Asked Questions
How quickly are my Google+ updates automatically tweeted out?
Pro and Business accounts are refreshed every few minutes, so new Google+ posts will be Tweeted with a minimal delay.
Accounts that do not have a paid Pro or Business subscription will be refreshed once every 30 minutes, but only accounts that have logged into the ManageFlitter application within the past 30 days will be considered for a refresh.
Why have none of my Google+ posts appeared on Twitter?
You must make your posts public on Google+ for them to appear on Twitter. We decided to only push public posts to Twitter because it kind of makes sense to synchronize the two, and anything else is just really hard to do.
Can I send my Twitter updates to Google+?
Not yet! We're hoping that Google will add an API which allows writing as well as reading. Watch this space, as they say.
Can I selectively send Google+ updates to my Twitter account?
Yes, click "expand" next to "Advanced Options". Select the first option and only Google+ posts with #twt in them will then be sent to Twitter.
Does ManageFlitter have a Google+ page?
Yes! Add +ManageFlitter to your circles for Google+ related updates.